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About Us

Our team of real estate expertsWe recognize the desire to sell your house fast and we believe it should be easy and immediate. We also take into consideration the level of difficulty the owner must go through to find a suitable buyer, just as we understand the potential relief brought on by a quick house sale.

In the most challenging situations, getting through obstacles is proven to be easier when hurdled with the support of friends and love from your family. By following this concept, a group of concerned and knowledgeable real estate investors have formulated applicable solutions that are both practical and attainable to help distressed homeowners.

QREL and its team of Real Estate Investor Specialists (REIS) aims to achieve the following:

QREL Speed: Fast

We buy houses in as little as 5 days. No more waiting for the house to sell. No low-ballers. No worrying if the bank will approve your loan. No games. We cut the waiting time and proceed closing the deal fast.

QREL Method: Dependable

We buy houses in San Antonio as-is. No costly repairs. No quick fix-ups. No delay. We aim to ease up your load, which means we will not burden you with the usual ‘overhaul’ most real estate agents would require before putting up your house in the market. We aren’t realtors, we are real estate investors eager to provide help in your housing problems.

QREL Process: Real Time

We buy houses as soon as you are ready. No upfront conditions. No last minute backing out. With us, you are guaranteed of a sure deal anytime. We are sure buyers of houses in San Antonio and we do not hesitate when we offer to buy your house.

QREL Values:

  • We provide Win-Win situations.
  • We promote healthy business transactions for clients.
  • We support each team member and work in harmony.
  • We find balance in difficult times by producing satisfying results.

Find out today what your house could bring you. Simply fill out the form below and we will get back with you in under 24 hours. We look forward to talking with you!

Why Wait? Find Out Our Offer Right Now!

If you need to liquidate your unwanted property quickly., we're here to help you. We are professional and courteous real estate investors. Just give us a clear description of your property and we'll be happy to give you the fair value it deserves. No fees, no waiting, no stress…we buy houses as-is fast!