///How To Effectively Downsize Your San Antonio Home

How To Effectively Downsize Your San Antonio Home

Downsizing is a common occurrence nowadays. Due to reasons like moving to a smaller place to cut down on the expenses or the first step to a long term retirement plan or a bigger house is too costly to maintain; downsizing should not be the cause of your stress.

Alexei Barrionuevo wrote in curbed.com that baby boomers, the largest group of home buyers after millennials, are likely to buy bigger houses, taking out the mortgage from their retirement savings, before eventually downsizing to a condo or a smaller property. Though they start out big, most of these people during their later years will eventually move to a smaller home.

What does this entail for the real estate market? Mainly, most people tend to settle to smaller homes after the prime of their careers. Relocation and downsizing often come hand in hand. Is there an effective way to do so?

Lessen The Load And Start Moving Out

sell my house San AntonioNot all of your things will fit into your new home. And not everything you need can be packed in an instant. Setting things aside, choosing what to bring with you, and choosing which to leave behind can be a difficult task. But don’t let packing take away so much of your time.

The faster you can decide which to keep or to let go, the faster you can ready yourself to move out.

Examine Your Valuables

Most of the things, if not all, found in your house were the product of your hard earned money and considered some sort of investment. But not all furnishings can go into the moving truck, especially when moving you’re to a smaller house.

Will you be needing two pairs of sofa beds? Will you be needing an extra set of chinaware that was never used? Will you be needing all of the rugs you recently bought? Is it really necessary to bring so much and overcrowd your living space?

The truth is, you don’t. Examine which items have more use to you and your family. Which ones will you be using every day? Which items are important but doesn’t provide much service or help lessen your workload and which ones just lie idle in your storage room? By sorting them out in accordance to their use, you could easily pin point which has more use and value.

Leftovers Go To Garage Sale

Now that you have sorted out which will go with you and which ones will stay behind, selling them off would be a practical solution. Hand them over to your neighbors who might find more value and need for them at a reasonable price.

Do you remember that extra sofa bed, the set of chinaware you haven’t used but just adds up to the number of things you have to clean up, or the window curtains you bought because you liked the color but seldom use? Well, selling them would serve as a good source of additional income for you.

You will be needing all the extra cash you could save up when its time to move. Or include some of the furnishings to stage the house to attract buyers. That way, the house could sell for a slightly higher price.

Customize Storage Spaces

A smaller house eventually means limited area for your living space and furnishings. Customizing the storage spaces in your new home, adding hidden compartments and space efficient shelves are proven to give you more room to keep your house tidy without limiting your movement.

Good examples of these space efficient storage areas include adding drawers under the stairs, shelves mounted on wall, several pull-out compartments under your bed, and small cabinets under the corner tables.

There are a lot of areas in your house that can be customized, you just need to be a little artistic about it. You can get more storage room and make your house look bigger on the inside.

Express House Selling After Packing Up

Now that you are ready to move out, things sorted finely according to their use, it is time to find the right buyer. Would you go for a the traditional selling method where you have to wait for several weeks or worse months without guarantee or would you rather try the services offered by Quick Real Estate Liquidation?

Our company focuses on helping homeowners speed up the process of selling their houses. We use methods that are proven to be practical and effective in alleviating the immediate need to sell. In San Antonio, sell my house fast< can become a luxury with the right people to handle the job for you.

Get in touch with one of our real estate experts to get a free home valuation for your property!

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