///How To Prepare Your House When It’s Not Selling

How To Prepare Your House When It’s Not Selling

You’ve probably heard of neighbors moving out of their homes, either relocating or downsizing to a much smaller property. Or helped out a friend declutter their home and pack up stuff, and witnessed the actual moving out as a way to give moral support.

Then you probably have an idea how things roll out and come along when everything is set up for the transfer. When it is time for you and your family to go through the same process, it should be easy and breezy, no trouble selling your property.

Trouble selling your houseHave you managed to list your home in the NTREIS? Or are you handing the task over to a local realtor? Do you need to sell right away?

What Happens When It Doesn’t Sell?

Of course, it is expected for you to prepare the house for potential buyers. House staging, or making your home clean and show-ready, is one of the effective methods of attracting a buyer. Yes, its effective, but not all staging works wonders.

Find out why some properties don’t sell despite being staged to appear more livable and aesthetic.

Poor Quality Photos Hurt San Antonio Sales

Blurry or poorly lit pictures just won’t work. Try to flaunt the best areas and spots in your place. With the right camera angle, even without an image editor, you can take breathtaking pictures of both the interior and exterior look of the property.

Posting pictures can benefit you in so many ways. Firstly, images provide buyers a glance of the condition, architecture, and style of your home. Secondly, let these images talk for you. And lastly, buyers are more attracted to a property when they are given more details.

Unclean Titles

You have the deed of ownership, mortgage is current or paid on time, a good paying record to your lender; yet there’s a lien attached to the title. A lien is attached to the property title when a lender legally claims ownership of the house over an unsettled payment.

Instances like this happens when:
– a paid off mortgage still shows as a valid lien
– a contractor’s lien filed for a job done on the house by a subcontractor

An soon as you find out that there is a lien, communicate with the lender or the party claiming ownership so you can clear the property title.

What if Appliances Are Outdated?

While it is not a requirement to buy new appliances and furnishings to significantly stage the house, most buyers are turned on by new and high-tech appliances. Even new furnishings are too pretty on the eyes to ignore.

Now, you don’t have to spend so much to replace everything that spells old; you can either remove them from the house or look for second hand items that are still in great quality and are much cheaper than buying new items.

Lazy Real Estate Agent

Yes, there are lazy and seemingly uncaring real estate agents. They do their part in listing the house, but then fall short in proactive campaigns to get your home shown. Getting the property listed is only the beginning, it is up to the realtor to take the extra step in promoting your home.

If the realtor isn’t willing to work a little harder, chances are, your house will be among the list of hundreds of houses lacking proper exposure, which often results in months and months of waiting. There’s more to learn here.

Most home sellers doesn’t have the patience to wait for months to get the first showing. In fact, this is the reason why an alternative home selling method has been gaining popularity and patronage, delivering fast and hassle free transactions.

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