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Frequently Asked Questions

We know several questions run through your head as you weigh in the decision whether to try out our service or proceed with the traditional selling route.

We’ve Heard It All, Now Let Us Answer Them All

In our years of talking with multiple property owners every day, we have become familiar with the most common questions our sellers usually ask. We have compiled a list of questions, some may reflect your own, and have provided plain and direct answers.

Do you buy all kinds of houses?

From a single room house to a family home to apartments, condos, farmhouses, and house and lot for sale; we buy any type residential property you can think of. Our buying process is the same across all transactions, providing gratifying outcome for the owners.

Do you entertain homeowners who are facing foreclosure?

Of course! Foreclosures are one of the common reasons behind the request from homeowners to sell their houses to us. We have been in the real estate market for years, backed up by experience matching skills which give us the knowledge needed to help you avoid foreclosure.

Do you have a timeframe for every transaction?

Our ultimate goal is to buy houses and complete the sale in as little as five days. We have made this possible countless times, bought houses mightily fast, all the while leaving home sellers with a fair cash-out paid in full.

Do you work with a Realtor? How much commission do you get?

QREL is a company built by a group of real estate investors who diligently work to provide better home selling experience for property owners in every transaction. Unlike real estate agents, we do no receive commissions per sale. Instead, we cover all costs during and after the transaction process.

Do you bring down my house if I agree to sell?

Not in many circumstances. Usually, we either renovate and resell the house or keep it as a rental for leasers.

Do you mean I lose money when you guarantee a fair cash offer?

While our mission is to help, we are still running a business in need of a profit. Our fair cash offer is slightly lower than the current market value of your property. We take care of the repair and refurbishing of your house before we resell it or rent it out.

Am I obligated to complete the sale once I fill out the form?

It is the common fear for most home sellers that the online form obligates them to accept the offer. Let’s be clear on this matter. You are under NO obligation to complete the process even after an offer is made. We let you choose whether our terms meet your demand.

Do you have more questions that you can’t express right now?

Talk to us! We will gladly answer all of your queries to ease out your worries. Contact us now.

Why Wait? Find Out Our Offer Right Now!

If you need to liquidate your unwanted property quickly., we're here to help you. We are professional and courteous real estate investors. Just give us a clear description of your property and we'll be happy to give you the fair value it deserves. No fees, no waiting, no stress…we buy houses as-is fast!