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How A Five-Step Process Gets You Cash In As Little As 5 Days!

For a moment, let’s not dwell on your reason for selling your house in Dallas. Instead, let’s focus on how you can get a fair cash offer within five days. With QREL, five days can be adequate enough to respond to your call and provide profitable solutions for you.

So, How Do We Buy Houses In As Few As Five Days?

Step 1 – Provide us details of your property.

We just need basic information such as the number of rooms and baths and recent repairs made. This is free, quick, and super easy.

Step 2 – Talk with our Real Estate Investor Specialist (REIS).

A scheduled phone call will follow after the information is submitted to us online. Our knowledgeable REIS will research the house and will ask additional questions that weren’t provided online to finalize our assessment of the property. This is free, convenient, and stress-free.

Step 3 – Our team evaluates the property.

Our REIS will conduct a research if necessary, so we can come up with the best solution for you. We don’t just put out an offer without proper study and consideration to your situation.

Step 4- Your REIS presents the cash offer in print.

In every offer we make, a clear, well-written, and detailed contract will be provided for you to review. This is a no-obligation offer, wherein you can still choose not to accept it without fear of paying a penalty or service fee. As mentioned earlier, this is free.

Step 5 – You agree that our offer is fair and accept.

We are a very knowledgeable and experienced group of investors. We know the Dallas area very well. You can rest assured that the offer we present you will be fair and will take all factors into account. All you have to do to move forward is accept our offer, sign the documents, and then it’s on to the final step!

Step 5 – Get the cash in full.

Our cash offers are always guaranteed fair. The cash is either deposited to your bank right away or you can choose a check written on the same day. Either way, as promised, there are no visible or hidden fees for you to pay. At this point, you just get to receive!

QREL doesn’t believe in excuses, we deliver as promised, on time, anytime.

We buy houses regardless of the condition, even those considered ugly and unmarketable. And the best part is there are no fees! Closing fees, hidden fees, and commissions, disregard them all!

So to see just how much your property could bring you in as little as 5 days, complete the form below and move on to Step 2!


Why Wait? Find Out Our Offer Right Now!

If you need to liquidate your unwanted property quickly., we're here to help you. We are professional and courteous real estate investors. Just give us a clear description of your property and we'll be happy to give you the fair value it deserves. No fees, no waiting, no stress…we buy houses as-is fast!