/Signs Of Depression Led By Grief Following A Significant Loss

Signs Of Depression Led By Grief Following A Significant Loss

Signs Of Depression Led By Grief Following A Significant Loss

Losing a loved one, a good friend, or a close relative is one of the most difficult stages in our lives, an emotional battle that can go on for weeks, months, or even longer. Grief is the natural emotional reaction to a significant loss. While the passing of time is the best way to heal an emotional wound, there are people who couldn’t handle the loss well, which leads to a more serious and complicated grief, or worse depression.

As universal as grief is, the grieving process is a very individual experience. How deeply or long a person grieves depends on many factors, and distinguishing between normal grief and a debilitating condition like complicated grief or depression can be difficult,” says Dr. Sanjay Gupta in a clinical blog post.

While there are several stage of grieving each individual person has to go through, the coping mechanisms of each individual can vary – some have a healthier way of coping up and acceptance, while others tend to dwell on the feeling of hurt and pain. Dwelling on these emotions, instead of focusing on the reality of the situation can cause depression. There are families who would need a change in scenery to cope with the emotional stress. Some would choose to sell my house fast in San Antonio TX to find relief.

sell my house fast San Antonio TXComplicated Grief vs Clinical Depression

When we lose someone important in our life, it’s normal to cry, to feel hurt and alone, to question what has happened, and to long for the person we lost. It isn’t a condition that will subside after taking some pills or an experience we can chose not to have.

Death is both shocking and difficult, and this is exactly why complications arise when the individual couldn’t cope well with the loss. This is one of the reasons why families sell their house fast to relocate to a new place, in the hopes of a fast recovery.

What is Complicated Grief?

Complicated Grief (CG) has many descriptions, but the most common is acute grieving which causes long periods of suffering after a loved one’s death. Many clinical professionals believe that it’s related to an adjustment disorder, which occurs when one has a lengthy and intense response to a stressor. CG can make a person feel worthless and suicidal, which is closely similar to the symptoms of depression.

What is Depression?

When there is a feeling of intense sadness, discouragement, or despair that lasts for several months or longer, interfering with a person’s ability to manage his everyday life, it is depression. It is a more serious reaction to the loss of a loved one, and the sadness tends to get worse with each passing day. When a person becomes depressed and dysfunctional, there are signs that we can look out for: appetite change, unable to sleep, decreased energy level, or inability to concentrate.

Clinical Treatment

On the early stages of intense grieving and sadness, the emotional and mental support of families and closest friends can help the grieving person cope better. With constant interaction to people, one can get his mind off of the situation, and moving on wouldn’t be as difficult when tackled alone.

However, some wounds don’t heal even with the passing of time. Clinical interference may be needed to help the person recover from the sadness or depression. Getting the right professional to address the problem can be overwhelming. Read the finding the right therapist blog on webmd.com to learn more.

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