/Things You Do Not Need When Moving To A Smaller Home

Things You Do Not Need When Moving To A Smaller Home

Things You Do Not Need When Moving To A Smaller Home

How much things do you actually need to function normally, to go about your daily life with ease, and to live in comfort?

Bigger houses are becoming less and less a fan favorite for many families looking for new a place to move into. This is because bigger homes require more upkeep, are more expensive to cool and heat, and create much more work in terms of maintenance. This resulted to more families moving into smaller houses. It doesn’t necessarily mean living in tiny houses with no room to move around, but smaller spaces to work on.

How To Work With Whatever Space Available

Simple living is almost the best route to take when downsizing, given that you would have to face the reality of putting your things together in a smaller space without starting a domino of clutter. Here are five things you do not need when downsizing.homes for sale

Memorabilia. Do you have a collection of mugs that has the names of the places you’ve been on your last vacation trip? Are you still keeping a copy of the magazines you stopped subscribing to months ago? What about those photo albums that contains a printed copy of the landscape images you took when you first bought your camera? Without them, you’d still be able to remember what it felt like when you went on your dream vacation or tested your very first camera. The memories aren’t going anywhere, it’ll stay with you.

Books. If reading is both a hobby and a passion, letting go of them is not an easy thing to do. But when you downsize, some of these books need to go or they won’t fit into your new place. The books that has sentimental value (like a personal message or autograph from the author), those that are limited edition, or those books that you often reread (practically your favorite ones out of your collection); keep them. The rest, you can choose to sell to a local bookstore or donate to charities or organizations.

Sporting Equipment. Do you have an old tent you haven’t been using? Do you have extra tennis rackets rotting away in your storage? Or tennis balls in tin cans you most likely won’t ever open anytime soon. It’s surprising how people could keep so many sporting equipment that don’t get used at all. Their hectic schedules often prohibit them from being active in sports. Either rent them, or sell them. You can use accumulated funds to improve your new home or put in into savings.

Unused, Unsightly Things. William Morris, a known contributor of the revival of traditional British textile arts, once said, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” So, go ahead and sit down for a moment and look around your. Find things that aren’t useful or beautiful. Find things that don’t hold too much value or lack any meaning at all, and let them go.

Clothing You Don’t Wear. Your wardrobe can tell a lot about your shopping habits. A loaded closet is just clutter waiting to happen (it it isn’t a pile of mess already). But this isn’t about emptying your closet, it’s about digging out those clothes buried at the bottom of your dresser drawer. Those t-shirts with a huge brand or event logo that were most probably given to you for free. Those hand-me-downs from your older relatives you never considered wearing. Donate them to charity to lighten your luggage.

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And When You Are Finally Ready To Move

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